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Born in Penang, Malaysia, Tan Shen Ru went to Graceland University, USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA), majoring in Art and minoring in Music. Finding painting therapeutic, she now immerses herself in it whenever her work schedule allows her to do so. She regards her works as exercises  in an ongoing art practice, referring to them as "experiencial" and "in the moment" artworks. 

Form, shape, texture, colour, line and movement - elements of the visual world - have always fascinated her and she has explored them in her own very personal way.


Shen Ru has also travelled widely and this she believes has contributed in many ways to her understanding of art and herself as a person.


Graceland University, USA.  BA in Fine Arts
Major Art / Minor Music


c IGL 15.jpg

"I paint in the moment and my works are experiential"

Looking at some of the images of her recent solo exhibition, “Colours in Motion”, it was clear that she is a genuinely talented abstract artist. The images showed paintings replete with bottomless depths of bright colours all seeming to be bursting off the canvas.

7 Unique Paintings of Abstract Art from a Malaysian Artist  - Dec 2, 2014.

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